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Effective Enterprise Management

The last two decades produced significant advances in performance measurement systems along with large amounts of data being generated by ERP systems. Balanced scorecards have become common place and while it is generally true that 'you get what you measure', this axiom lacks a quality dimension.

Managers might be measured on X or Y, but do they have the tools to truly influence the outcomes of X and Y? Even more fundamental, are managers provided with the requisite insight into X and Y to ensure that their decisions will have the desired result?

Effective Enterprise Management (EEM) is Alta Via's response to this quality gap.

What are Effective Enterprise Management elements?

EEM combines a number of key elements into a single coherent approach for effectively managing to achieve enterprise optimization. These elements are:

  • Trained and motivated managers,
  • Managerial processes,
  • Organizational processes - in particular performance measurement and reward processes,
  • Relevant information - information that is scenario, situation and decision relevant.

With EEM, managers are not only measured, but their processes are explicitly accommodated. Managers are provided with tools, methods, information, and an understanding of how to effectively and efficiently influence outcomes in their areas of responsibility.


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