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SAP Services Partner


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Alta Via honors each client's unique costing strategy and works with them to automate and optimize their SAP ERP environment, allowing them to be the most profitable business they can be.  We have helped conceptualize and implement costing solutions for both private and public SAP clients worldwide.

Areas of Expertise:

SAP HANA (High Performance Analytic Application)
Full Suite Controlling [CO module]
  • Cost Center Accounting [CCA - Responsibility Accounting]
  • Activity-based Costing
  • Profit Center Accounting [PCA]
  • Profitability Analysis [PA]
  • Internal Order Management [I/O]
Full Scope Planning & Simulation
  • Legacy system - Business Planning Simulation [BPS]
  • Integrated Planning [IP]
  • Express Planning
  • Business Objects [BOBJ]  Simulation
  • Profit & Cost Management [PCM] Suite
Product Life Cycle Management
  • Product Design Cost Estimate [PDCE] — Read Viewpoint »
  • Production Floor Integration
  • Project Systems [PS]

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