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Case Studies

This section provides insight into some of our case studies performed in the areas of cost management, management information, analytics for management and enabling management's processes through technology. To showcase the broad applicability of the underlying principles a commercial case study and a non-profit entity case study are presented below. Extensive case study documents will be available in the Alta Via Library ».

Metrics That Matter — Linking Operational & Financial Metrics Together

Alta Via's latest case study is currently taking place in conjunction with MESA's Metrics Make-over Contest winner Cormetech, Inc. in Durham, North Carolina. To follow our process visit MESA's blog page ».

A Commercial Case Study — Streamlining A Leading Company's R&D Management Processes

A leading German high-tech company needed to improve their processes in portfolio and project management for their research and development (R&D) area. The vision was to replace numerous legacy applications with SAP's Strategic Enterprise Management (SEM) system in order to facilitate their portfolio and operational project management on SAP's Business Information Warehouse (SAP BW) serving as their single point-of-reference for everyone dealing with R&D projects.

The solution involved utilizing the client's existing Project System (SAP PS) application more extensively, allowing project managers and product managers to create simple projects for new ideas while supporting integrating planning, budgeting and reporting with SAP BW and SEM. By extracting project master data to BW, preliminary projects were instantly visible to portfolio managers who could then discuss and select the best opportunities jointly with product managers. After the first iteration selected projects were then planned with estimated budgets in BW using SEM Business Planning and Simulation (SEM-BPS).

Case Study Highlights:
— Migration of data provided a single point of reference for all parties involved and a single source of management information.
— Project managers, product managers, portfolio managers and business analysts were provided the relevant information they needed to support their daily activities saving a vast amount of their time spent reconciling information.
— Shortening various process cycle times and optimizing the overall portfolio and project management process.

A Non-Profit Entity Case Study — Enabling A Process-Centric Approach For A Postal Service Provider

A quasi-governmental agency that provides national postal services in North America desired to enable their process-centric approach to management with ERP technology. The client's SAP R/3 system was the platform chosen to realign their monetary management information with an activity/business process view representing approximately $4 billion in annual expenses. The client required an experienced implementer with in-depth knowledge of advanced managerial accounting practices and knowledge of multiple costing applications, specifically SAP and Oros.

Analysis and design entailed the definition of key data elements, determination of cost flows and assignments, collection of metrics and drivers, identification of reporting needs and solutions for supporting full costs of the activities/business processes performed. Construction and implemention involved configuration of the SAP CO (controlling) sub-modules. The result was an integrated costing solution utilizing the SAP R/3 system with Oros serving as their modeling tool to calculate product and/or service rates.

Case Study Highlights:
— A sophisticated system conceptual design to capture rates and metrics per sector and activity performed.
— Master data definitions and labor payroll interface definitions.
— Customer-specific tracing factors tracking mechanism by sector and activity to support cost flows and cost assignments.
— Reporting cycle detailed sheets and optimization of allocation cycles.


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