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Alta Via Consulting's SAP ECC Embedded Accelerators for IT14SD schedules & SAP ECC Diagnostic Accelerator to Identify Risk and Recommend Controls for Tax Processing

Solution in a Nutshell

Alta Via’s reconciliation and diagnostic accelerators have been developed directly in SAP ECC, utilising our extensive experience of financial processes, master data and configuration logic.


Diagnostic Accelerator to Identify Risks and Recommend Controls for Tax Processing




Prior to processing transactional data for reconciling and reporting purposes our Integrated Solution Diagnostic Accelerator will interrogate Key Configuration Settings and General Ledger Master Data Accounts to determine the level of confidence that can be placed on the General Ledger and Sub Ledger Transactional Data incorporating the following parameters:

— Configuration settings

— Master Data settings

— Integration to Sub Ledgers

— Interfaces tables

— VAT Categories

— Etc. 




— Business Impact: Master Data is not aligned with configuration settings (i.e., transaction processing the VAT Category indicator field is only optional input for an Expense Account that requires VAT

— Consequences of incorrect Master Data maintenance and configuration (i.e. Journals can be captured against an expense account without a VAT Category

— Recommendation: Change General Ledger Account number 4XXXX to VAT required, thus ensuring all transaction will require a VAT indicator when a transaction is processed


Most importantly the output of the Integrated Diagnostic Accelerator is used as input for the transactions accelerators to update the business rules as well as to determine the confidence level related to the transaction data.


Key Functionality of our IT14SD Transactional Accelerators


— No need to transfer data to any other system resulting in no reconciliation issues, no interfaces to maintain, no data duplication and no additional hardware

— Business Rules based as defined and maintained by the Key Users

— Flexible reporting that reconciles to the General Ledger

— Drill down capability to financial transactions

— Drill down to Sub Ledgers such as Procurement and Sales

— Full Audit trail to explain the differences by Category as defined by SARS

— Full Audit trail to explain the differences by General Ledger Account

— Full Audit trail to reflect the Financial documents that make up the differences

— Drill down to Financial Documents

— Monthly submissions for PAYE (EMP201’s) is the basis for the PAYE Reconciliation schedule

— Monthly submissions for VAT (VAT201’s) must be the basis for the VAT Reconciliation schedule

— Customs declarations (SAD500‘s) is the basis for the VAT Reconciliation schedule

— Different reporting layouts to interrogate the data

— Your IT144SD reconciliation scheduled will be part of your month/quarter and year end activities and not an additional task at the submission of your Tax schedules



Alta Via Consulting's VAT-IT14SD Differentiators


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With the conceptual design in place, project execution is where the rubber meets the road. In the technical arena, knowing what works versus what doesn’t work is crucial. The last thing that managers need is a new system, and more data they don't buy into or understand.

Mapping Systems To Achieve The Desired Information

Our strength and dedication lies in a select line of costing applications, where some of our consultant’s familiarity with the product touches three decades. Since our inception, we have been involved with product development, testing and validation of new functionality, and at the leading edge in implementing new capabilities (i.e., SAP).

Finding The Best Fit - ERP Intregration Or Stand-alone Modeling Tool

Whether the path to success requires an integrated ERP solution, a stand-alone modeling tool, or enhanced functionality within your existing system, we will guide the way in connecting your organization’s informational needs.

Appropriate & Progressive Path For A Comprehensive Solution

For organizations embarking on entity-wide initiatives, technical solutions can be applied holistically and systematically to identify and address the most critical areas first.  This allows for the most appropriate and progressive migration path towards a comprehensive solution.  System configurations may involve one or several of the following instances:

- at different levels of management within the organization (e.g., strategic or tactical)
- in areas pertaining to specified business management processes (e.g., planning)
- in a foundational area that may serve as a primary source of management information
  (e.g., management accounting)

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