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Support Services

Our Goal

Shifting from legacy applications to the modernized ERPs requires change management in many areas; roles and responsibilities, internal processes, informational consolidation, etc. As organizations begin utilizing new systems, AVC can support the transitioning from the legacy landscape to these new applications through various activities to support change management.

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Teach a Man to Fish

With the deployment of these systems, we are offering two support services:
"Command Support Services" and "BI Report Training". These services will enable system users to understand the GFEBS, GCSS-A and LMP integration as follows:


Command Support Services
BI Report Training
» Battle Books
Organizationally specific translation from legacy to new data structures and transactional data flows.
» Tier II Support
Provide requirement planning, initial establishment, and on-going support services for maintaining Tier II helpdesk user support.
» Process Reengineer
Evaluate and determine insightful options for improving internal processes and/or the impact when moving away from former Army legacy systems to the new GFEBS / GCSS-A / LMP ERP systems.
» Reports
Assist with the crosswalk from legacy reporting systems to the new ERP environment and save reports for future reporting requirements.
» Knowledge Transfer
Extend and transfer our knowledge to teach and educate users about the ERP solutions.

» Business Intelligence How-To
Provide robust navigation and "how to" training.
» Reports
Explain Army key reports, such as Status of Funds, Cost Management, and Payroll/Labor related reports to understand what the purpose of the reports are and how they can be utilized.
» Subject Matter Experts
Provide Q&A with experts on BI functionality as well as Army specific data needs.
» Command-specific Assistance
Will provide a common training course for any Command but also capable of offering Command-specific assistance through on-site training if requested.


Who would benefit from these services?

These services and training courses are designed for:

  • Fund Center/Cost Center Managers
  • Controllers and Systems Accountants
  • Program/Budget/Financial Analysts
  • Accounting and Finance professionals

Scheduled Classes

Next BI Reporting class will be:

  • Customized Classes are available upon demand.

For class information, please send us your data in the form below:

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